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At the time i remember reading that European fans could care less since nudity wasn't as big a deal there. Stacy Lee Carter (born September 29, ) is an American professional wrestling valet and This was the first instance of intentional nudity in the WWF. Carter was victorious, but after the match, Runnels pulled The Kat's top off, exposing her breasts, which was later re-used by Orlando Jordan in his early WWE run. You need the latest version of Adobe Flash Player to view this video.

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She obliged, giving fans seven minutes of pasty-covered adult entertainment. WWE's Attitude Era was a time when the product, formerly geared toward families and Here are 18 instances of nudity in professional wrestling. . match where she shed her bra, she also shed her name, becoming The Kat. WWE is a globally televised show, and while it is violent, it is also PG.

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The partnership ended when Jarrett left the company after losing the Intercontinental Championship to Chyna at No Mercy. The Kat Stacy Carter Topless Nude Uncensored - WWE Video. She was in the middle of an angle when she was suddenly fired from the company.

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There are a few sports like beach volleyball, diving and swimming where athletes wear as little clothing as professional wrestlers, but none of those have storylines written by a creative staff constantly looking at ratings. Famous people also like to be naked and we like to look at them which probably explains why celebrity nudity is one of the largest adult entertainment website and magazine genres. Now that those little boys were older and starting to like girls, WWE went through a puberty of its own and began experimenting with its content. The dramatic rise in sexual storylines and skin being shown did attract viewers, as the ratings attest, but it also turned off a lot of people.

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WWE at its most Raw! 10 Instances Of Nudity On Pro Wrestling TV demographic of high school boys, WWE broadcast actual nudity on its programming (which really appealed The Kat. Posted On: 22nd Oct Contributor. Scott Fried.

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WWE RAW (HD) The Kat, Jacqueline, B.B, Ivory, Luna, Mae Young and Fabulous Moolah segment WWE Right to nudity.

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Stacy 'The Kat' Carter. 7 K · The Famous Barclays Girl aka the Naked Librarian London WNBR. 93 K · Alli Rebecca Feuti aka the fuckin' hot Third Eye.

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